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🍴The Local Food Bar🍴

Now and then I stumble upon design gems, often by chance while other times by recommendations from family and friends, the way I did this one.


It is an Eatery found in the heart of Chilenje market; a place where you most probably least expect to. For directions, it is quite easy to give, since it only lies along the last stretch of Chilumbulu road to Woodlands Stadium, and opposite First National Bank (also acronym-ed as FNB).


Through and through, the interior design of this little Snack Bar has been intended to stand out, from the color choices to the furniture layout and from the accent pieces to the rustic landscape feature right at the entrance.


At the entrance lies, in plain and simple fashion, a stone feature that has been softened by the introduction of dwarf grass plants ready to welcome foodies and wannabes like myself.


Once inside, one is expected to be welcomed by flower vases and tastefully laid out artworks on a painted steel mantel piece which, in my opinion, think would’ve functioned much better as a lean-to table with stools. Space must’ve been the hindering factor, however, all is forgiven and forgotten here since the artworks resting on this piece now brings in  lots and lots more of character while the mirror is left to bring in the illusion of roomy to the food bar.



Additional artworks nailed to a lime green painted wall, all in all, brings the design together as a ribbon wraps around a treasure box, which this space is.


While faux ceiling tiles bring a sense of elegance to the table, pun intended.


Kudos to the designer, whomever that might be.



💤 Brush Strokes!!!

Most nights, with my head comfortably resting on my pillow, and deep in sleep, I often fancy myself a Picasso of sorts.

There (in La La Land), I am a brush and concrete is my canvas. While steel, stone, brick, timber, glass, leather, color and artwork are my strokes.

Case in point…


A Lounge, for example, against a concrete backdrop looks pleasant with generous splashes of vanished red brick to break the monotony. Esp when used for built-in tables and built-in seats. A Shisha Lounge can be softened by leather, preferably in a brown, while bright colored scatter cushions, throws and pieces of local artwork can be used to add interest to this space.

Shisha Bar

Whereas a bar can have a couple of proposals.

The first proposal being, vanished stone cladding just beneath a polished porceline tiled counter top.


The second one can come in the form of vanished red brick counter and counter head to match, with a polished Porceline  tiled counter top, against a concrete backdrop and softened by a dusted canvased piece of local artwork flanked by colorful ottomans beneath.


The garden on the other hand, is more musing (I think) with thatch and red bricked dwarf walls and red bricked seats against a concrete boundary wall backdrop. Here, scatter cushions can also be introduced to add hints of color.

Outdoor Lounge
Until I wake up, and I realize I am my own Picasso, regardless!

#IAAZB: Color And Healing

“One of the most indescribable moments I have had, being an Architect is being in a space that hits all the right notes and gets me excited. Now imagine the polar opposite of this moment. It was roused by a recent visit to a certain clinic in a peri-urban area somewhere on the Copperbelt. I was shown around a room no larger than 27 square meters which served as a maternity ward, Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) clinic and clinic for mothers and children. It had no running water and the space was grossly inadequate. It broke my heart. My thoughts somehow led me to the children that were born in this little clinic and grew up in the nearby community. This tiny clinic did not have a designed paediatrics wing and the closest general hospital (12 km away) with one of those is not accessible.”, Chola Tembo wrote.

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💦 The Water Closet ğŸ’¦


Today, vanities and walk-in showers are popular, while oversized bathtubs and ample storage are also frequently sought after.


Presentation Layout 1 Â©MrKapaluTalksDesignToo

Bathroom 2.0

Presentation Layout 2 Â©MrKapaluTalksDesignToo

In a recent bathroom undertaking, the layout was tricky to achieve, especially that the project was an extension to an already existing house.

Exterior 1

Exterior Render 1 Â©MrKapaluTalksDesignToo

Exterior 2

Exterior Render 2 Â©MrKapaluTalksDesignToo

Selecting “attention-grabbing” materials was significant to helping this bathroom renovation stand out. Since Tile offers a wide variety of colors and styles, white tiles were a popular flooring choice.


View From Water Closet Â©MrKapaluTalksDesignToo

Just like in any of my kitchen designs, implementing a backsplash feature wall and a stone countertop was crucial so as to help liven up the space. This also works just as well in otherwise dull bathrooms.

With vanities getting bigger and bigger every year, and for good reason since storage is in constant demand, wall-mounted cabinets, movable cabinets and baskets were sought. While recessed or built-in cabinets were in addition assimilated into the design, therefore, adding enough spots to stash toiletries and decorative vases with fresh flowers.



Because no remodel is complete without accessories — in this case, the bathroom décor – an artwork was picked out fittingly to add style to this space. Artworks from local artists often make the biggest difference and are quite affordable to acquire.

Additionally, the term decor tends to be used rather loosely but in this case, fittings – Cabinet pulls, Shower heads and Faucets, were all designed for.



Last of all, fixtures with finishes that reflected the look endeavoring to be achieve were used to coordinate soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and wastebaskets for that cohesive feel.

Before Meets After: Kitchen Remodel

This is the first in a two part series called “Before Meets After”. The objective is for me to merely share with you my readers what is involved in tackling some projects – in this case Kitchens (of note here) and Landscape respectively.


Kitchen remodeling is notorious for being expensive, although not all projects have to break the bank, however, embarking on such an undertaking often does but only just.


Since the kitchen is the heart of any house, it woefully dates quite easily, not only from wear and tear but also from the vast advancement in technique and technology employed in the culinary arts. Therefore, remodels of such tired spaces are the perfect remedy when the time is right (and probably when the resources are available).


Design Files…

The proposed remodel was of an approximated 6000mm x 6000mm square one roomed space. This interior space was designed to underline the characteristics of a modern Kitchen area through ease and space, and a centered island necessitated just that: a working space to carry out needed tasks with much ease and within such a generous space. Therefore, function was realised.

FYA - Chitengi Warehouse-Model

The space consists of two zones – an island to accommodate a hob with a hood right above it and cabinets around the centrally placed island to in turn accommodate an oven and a refrigerator on the northern end, a sink on the western end and storage cabinets on the eastern end.

Scheme 2

In the grand scheme of things, a centrally placed island with a hob and a hood adds an industrial appeal to this semi-private residential space whereas timber for a fresh set of cabinets makes it cosy.

Design trivia….

A 4450mm long custom designed massive window on the western end and above the sink allows for fresh air and natural light to seep deep into this interior space.

Scheme 1

The centrally placed island was not by my design but the architect before me. Because cabling for the stove stems right from this point, this fortuitous design move, helped my undertaking immensely with the kitchen layout.

An open-plan Kitchen-Diner would have added to the much needed modern appeal sought after by the client, however, knocking down walls was out of the question due to budget constraints. Therefore, converting this space into a public space only proved futile.

This project was carried out at the end of 2015 and it was for a family of three in Ndola’s Kanseshi neighbourhood on the Copperbelt province of Zambia.

Western Sways


The terms Modern design and Contemporary design are closely related; and consequently, they tend to be used interchangeably. However, in the world of design and décor, both terms represent distinct styles. Modern design was evolved in the ‘20s in Germany and has radically sought to simplify the Victorian style of medieval England. On the other hand, Contemporary design was evolved many years later and has focused on variety and comfort. image image Both styles have different prevalent sorts. Some of the popular Modern designs are Bohemian modern, Mid-century modern and Vintage modern while those for Contemporary design are the Monochromatic, Minimalistic and Neutral color schemes.


Modern design is commonly simple and sober, and features minimal accessories. It is characterized with angular frames, low profiles, geometric and abstract patterns in textiles, in upholstery as well as in artwork. Natural materials like linen, leather and teak wood are commonly used. The furniture is time and again raised from the floor with the help of legs in order to create an airy and open atmosphere, while the colors used are widely neutral shades that are highlighted with splashes of colour. Walls are commonly cream and white in color while floors are mostly made of concrete or bare wood. In addition, accessories like sculptures and paintings are used as an integral part of modern design. image The modern design is known to impact a retro effect as it features vintage pieces such as Eames chairs, Formica and Ottomans. image


Because contemporary design deals with the present moment, the style of the design is that of the day. Contemporary design is known to feature reflective surfaces, clean and sleek lines, innovative graphical patterns, unusual colors, rounded forms, and asymmetrical designs. A designer therefore has the liberty to play with colors and patterns here. image Lots of polished marble, Lucite and stainless steel details are embedded in this design; also Chrome metallic accents and the liberal use of glass or mirrors, as a way to visually open up small spaces. The other materials are open ended like exposed plumbing pipes in Hi-Tech architecture or a brick wall with an inviting texture, and as a result, new colors and pieces can be incorporated over time. High ceilings and bare windows are the ideal base for a contemporary design. image Floors are commonly bare wood, tile or vinyl, although bold geometric patterned rugs to provide a bit of warmth and sound control can also be incorporated. image The palette is often punched up and accented with bright and bold color while black is time and again used to ground and define a Contemporary style. With walls painted in a basic neutral, a wonderful backdrop for bold colored accessories is realized. If the walls and windows are painted in pastels (pigments and resins) however, the trims are to be neutral and if a wall is in a bright and bold color, neutrals are to be used everywhere else. image image For a simple but yet elegant interior design, furniture and accessories are used to make a bold statement, example given – to make a shout out on a basic background, use a favorite color on a piece that will stand out. Smooth, clean and geometric shapes are essential for Contemporary pieces. Upholstered furniture often wears black, white, or other tones in textured natural fibers. Alternatively, cover it in a neutral, black, or bold fabric; fabrics also habitually have a natural look in wool, cotton, linen, silk and jute. These furniture pieces are simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. While sofas, chairs and ottomans occasionally have exposed legs, beds and chairs have no skirt, trim, fringe or tassels. To add a shot of color and texture, some pillows can be fused in. image In electing artwork, search for one special piece that speaks to you on a personal level as a designer; rely heavily on black, white and natural tan colors, and use affordable original paintings and sculptures from your area’s up-and-coming artists.

In contrast to Modern design, a futuristic element is created by contemporary design through the use of modular shelving and pod seating. image image

Ultimately, Contemporary design is for people that like to keep current with styles since Modern design interiors are cold and minimalist. Today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. An important tip to remember albeit is that less is more. Don’t use ruffles, excessive carved details, fringe or floral prints. Abolish cute and small; rather go basic, bare, bold and structural. These tips would prove helpful if put into consideration before commencement of any design project.  “And when an architect has designed a house with large windows, which is a necessity today in order to pull the daylight into these very deep houses; then curtains come to play a big role in architecture.” Arne Jacobsen.

5 Things You Can Do In Minutes!

They say anything is possible as long as you put your heart into it and apply yourself, and that holds true here.

We’ll look at 5 things you can do in just minutes to blitz the kitchen sink.

Let’s begin…

1. CLEAR DRAINS… With half a cup of bicarb (when in doubt, use google), then half a cup of vinegar. Leave for one minute while you attend to other chores, then flush through with hot water.

2. SQUIRT LIMESCALE REMOVER… around the base of the taps, then scrub and rinse.


4. DISINFECT DISH CLOTHS (TEA TOWELS)… by soaking in a mild bleach solution.

5. WIPE OVER YOUR DISH RACK… and rinse your cutlery drainer.

And that’s how you do more for less time.

Until next time, thanks for reading.