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🖇A Lost Craft🖇


I am constantly led to be convinced of the incessant need for Property Management and Customer Care. I understand how the two might come across as an unlikely pair at first glance. However, in one way or the other, they weave together seamlessly in the world of running a reputable enterprise.


Be it government or private undertakings today, the ones that seem to have it, suck at it and those that do not, well, lack it.


It’s not like before, back when businesses pride themselves on Customer Care. Back when pristine conditioned premises had picket fences, and properly manicured landscapes were a thing to be held and had, and not a thing left optioned. Back when a smile was all a person who works with people on the daily needed to wear and nothing to do with designer apparel.


I mean, just a fresh coat of paint every after so often would transform the face and the insides of half, if not most, of the buildings that make the Cityscape.


Add bonding, binding and mending of fixtures and fittings to the mix, and you’re well on your way to a Health and Safety worthy structure, fit to run a business.


I’d like to think a happy environment makes a happy occupant. That being the case, in the end, the occupants’ attitude changes to something commendable. Especially since the world can be changed with just an idea stemming from a shift in attitude.