‘2 Bedrooms For A Chicken And A Fish’

Contrary to popular belief, the most ‘tacky’ of jobs in my line of work – I feel – are the minuscule, yet compounded projects.


Compounded in the sense that, structures that can just as easily stand and function right on their own are made to sit side by side on one restricting piece of land.


These, therefore, become taxing in that much of beforehand research has to be carried out so as not to compromise on standard regulations.


Since the client lives and works in Lusaka town, a modern two bedroom house is set to act as a “holiday” home and will share the lot with a Chicken run and a fish pond.

Here, on a lot placed in a nearby town of Choongwe, the proposal of the house came behind the idea for the client to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to have eyes on the other two developments once production commences.

At Design Stage…

In an effort to have the proposed developments functioning in harmony with one another, it was necessary to carry out research on a number of factors. One of these was the number of chickens allowed per square meter. Thus, information of 10 chickens per square meters was used to determine the surface area that was required to plan for the 2000 inhabitants.


Orientation was also a key factor. As winds hit the site from the South-Eastern direction, the chicken run had to be sited there for reasons of ventilation. In the same light as the house had to be sited on the polar opposite to keep it away from the ventilation axis. The same can be said about why the number of openings on the house facing the chicken run were restricted.


The fish pond was surprisingly easy to site since only generosity in breadth and length had to be given. The tastefully positioned palm trees flanking the pond from one side provide the much needed shade from the sun.


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