In The Pits Of The Hub!

Set in the backdrop of an area called Mass Media which houses the biggest national broadcaster, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC, hereafter), is BongoHive. Lusaka’s technology and innovation hub.
How fitting the place was to host a meetup to learn about everything you need to know about blogging regardless of your intentions whether out of mere interest or as an enterprise to make a buck. 

This event was organized in partnership with MTN under the theme “Blog With MTN” and a similar hashtag.

Since the event was planned around 30 invited guests, a much fitting room was needed, and so a 30-guest room was used.

What stood out about the room from a designer’s perspective was the generous amount of light being borrowed from the outside, as was the fresh air bathing this room.

Also, access into the room was through an arch, an architectural feature that dates as far back as the Roman Empire. The lack of a door here also works well as an exit in case of a fire.

The sprawling corridors away from this room that sits at the entrance of the premises lead away to the Kitchen, Water closets and offices, and accentuated with lovely furniture pieces like seaters and Ottomans.

“Motiffed” off-white tiles used for the floor help appreciate the monochrome on-white walls where digital presentations came to life in the form of text and pictorials from a projector hanging off a matching white ceiling.

Any room that’s big on fresh air, generous lighting and visible fire exits deserves a thumbs up in my books, and BongoHive is just that.


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