Half Of A Moon πŸŒ’


Occasionally, there comes along a client with a “unique taste”, for lack of a suited reference. These are often well traveled clients who are not willing to compromise or settle for anything basic but rather something to quench this acquired taste.


However, due to cost implications and limited knowledge on the use and application of certain materials and techniques respectively, as Architects and designers’ alike, there is no option but to use what is available. Especially, since the use of timber as a material and the use of expansive cantilevers as a construction technique in this part of the world are close to non existent.


With the little left, Architects opt to play around with the floor plan and occasionally dare to tap into a world less charted, in my country, of nouvelle construction materials like glass, exposed timber and exposed steel, which then come at a cost.


For this one my client though, the play in layout saw the plan take on the shape of a crescent (or a half moon). Since obviously this was not enough, glass, timber and tasteful steel had to be used so as to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.


And with that, the crescent house was realized and to much thrill of the client.



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