šŸ’¤ Brush Strokes!!!

Most nights, with my head comfortably resting on my pillow, and deep in sleep, I often fancy myself a Picasso of sorts.

There (in La La Land), I am a brush and concrete is my canvas. While steel, stone, brick, timber, glass, leather, color and artwork are my strokes.

Case in point…


A Lounge, for example, against a concrete backdrop looks pleasant with generous splashes of vanished red brick to break the monotony. Esp when used for built-in tables and built-in seats. A Shisha Lounge can be softened by leather, preferably in a brown, while bright colored scatter cushions, throws and pieces of local artwork can be used to add interest to this space.

Shisha Bar

Whereas a bar can have a couple of proposals.

The first proposal being, vanished stone cladding just beneath a polished porceline tiled counter top.


The second one can come in the form of vanished red brick counter and counter head to match, with a polished Porceline  tiled counter top, against a concrete backdrop and softened by a dusted canvased piece of local artwork flanked by colorful ottomans beneath.


The garden on the other hand, is more musing (I think) with thatch and red bricked dwarf walls and red bricked seats against a concrete boundary wall backdrop. Here, scatter cushions can also be introduced to add hints of color.

Outdoor Lounge
Until I wake up, and I realize I am my own Picasso, regardless!


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