<<<Last Year Was Complicated!

“Last year was complicated!” is the line I’ll probably frequently use in 2017 when talking about 2016. The year has without a doubt been a learning curve of sorts for myself in every sense of the word with the blog and rediscovering my niche in the world of Architecture.

Through it, I have learn’t a great deal about my hobby of blogging, but specially, about my profession as an Architect. And what stays with me is mostly the new found knowledge on Container housing, and its application in a Tropical climate. I have also been made aware, as have some of my readers, of Urban Planning phenomena of “Gentrification” and “Ghosttowns”.

While, in my sleep, I have often dreamed that my readers have also appreciated my take on some “DIY” and “Before Meets After” projects that I tackled through my journey of writing in 2016 that draws to a close in a fortnight.

Like 2015, I have blogged 24 times within the year and bringing a total tally to 48 of posts. Not a bad effort, wouldn’t you say?

This post, however, pushes up the statistics to 25 of posts and just 1 post more than last year’s. And it being the last post of 2016, I found it well fitting to share a project that has changed so many times during the design stage that the last proposal now looks altogether different from when it started.

Proposal 1: Ground Floor Plan
Proposal 1: First Floor Plan

It was like the client and I couldn’t just agree on one thing. There was a lot of back-and-forth Waltz dances between the two parties. The client being located all the way over the Mediterranean Sea and far from here did not entirely help with the endeavor to design a contemporary 4 Bedroom house in the outskirts of the Capital city.

Proposal 1
Proposal 1
Proposal 1

The first proposal certainly mused me more than the intended, because what later seemed like a major facelift was made to come up with the second proposal. This proposal saw the exclusion of the Master Bedroom from the Ground Floor and the introduction of a Family room and a Double Carport in its wake.

Proposal 2: Ground Floor Plan
Proposal 2: First Floor Plan

This shockingly enough then left ample room for a thoughtfully designed bar counter with a vertical surface to hang artwork and that of the sort.

Proposal 2
Proposal 2
Proposal 2
Proposal 2
Proposal 2
Proposal 2

The third proposal; a product of my handiwork and a baby I am most proud of now shows the re-introduction of the Master Bedroom, and still maintains all other spaces like that for Entertainment on the Ground Floor and the private spaces on the First Floor (Upper Floor).

Proposal 3: Ground Floor Plan

Proposal 3
Proposal 3
Proposal 3
Proposal 3

The fourth and hopefully last proposal (since the project is still ongoing) is basically cosmetics that sees the brushing up here and there of the floor plan; like turning the Kitchen from a much public space into a semi-private space.

Proposal 4: Ground Floor Plan
Proposal 4: Kitchen
Proposal 4: Entertainment Space
Proposal 4

I walked away feeling a certain kind of way and with an appreciation from the project. I felt nostalgia for my time back at Architecture school where my full time job was to convince my lecturers of my design even when it did not work, because they (like my client) made it their pastime to call my creations into question. It was quite refreshing just having a client that brought into question my creative process and that alone made it a humbling experience for me.

…and with that, I am humbled that my readers from when I first started with this blogging gibberish have still stayed with me and all I can say is that you helped shape what 2016 has been like. To everyone, to 2017 and all the endless opportunities it promises!


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