Something about New tricks and an Old dog…

Our world is filled with much more detail than most of us care to notice. Unlike the make believe behind the character that is Sherlock Homes, this lack of attention to detail makes us miss some of the simplest of things in real life. The same way some of you might have missed that I wrote “Sherlock Homes” instead of “Sherlock Holmes”.
This is not me calling out anyone, particularly, because I also happen to be one of those constantly falling victim to the vice.
Without talking more for nothing, I’ll get right to it by talking about the various Hard hats out there (Did you know this before now? Well, I just found this out myself.)
Apparently, there are variations to Hard hats than the one that’s most obvious to us – the white one.
Then these variations in turn represent some interesting parties to the project. Who would have known?
Moving on…


On most sites, professionals like Engineers come in the form of Project Managers and sparingly as foremen, depending on the size of the project and are represented by the White Hard Hat that most of us are well acquainted with.



Apart from professionals, some projects will also require the presence of technicians on site. This is the skilled labor that helps move the project forward in the form of Electricians, Carpenters, among other Technical operators, and adorn the Blue Hard Hat over their heads.


The other party is that of semi-skilled operatives in the form of Welders and other similar workers with heat application. These are identified by the Brown Hats on site.



The unskilled set of operatives has skills transferred down to them through apprenticeship from professionals and professionals before them. They are the “muscle” of the project and are comprised of laborers and earth moving operators. These adorn the Yellow Hard Hats.



Allied professionals in the form of Safety Officers make sure that all safety measures are taken and heeded to to avoid loss of life and in the process, legal liability forgone. They also make sure the most Eco-friendly options are employed, and it is probably why they are identified by the Green Hats.
Staying with the spirit of Safety, Fire extinguishers like the hats Fire fighters wear are Red. Need I say more? We all must know at least something about Firefighting, if not, no matter.
Read more here: firefighter



I realise how cliche what I am about to say sounds today, but something about new tricks and an old dog. Lastly, but not the least, there’s you and me who might want to visit a site for reasons relative to us. The Grey Hat is what’s reserved for Site Visitors.


3 thoughts on “Something about New tricks and an Old dog…

  1. Wow, who knew there were so many different hard hats worn on a project site, it’s almost like we go selectively colour blind and only see the yellow hats when all the other colours are just sitting there right in front of our eyes, and now that I am enlightened of this fact, I actually see the other colours. And that in the Business world is what is called Selective Perception – a situation where we only take note of things we want to see and ignore or quickly forget things that are not of interest to us. Because we were previously unaware of these variations in hard hats, we never took notice of them, but now that this has been brought to light, we will perceive them differently from now on..


  2. And now that I am enlightened, very few fire fighters actually wear red hats – they too have variations in their helmets and the most commonly worn ones are the yellow ones, then they also have white, red and then black for the Fire Marshalls


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