Just Another Eco-friendly Option!

Courtesy of phone photography

I’d be the one perfect to attest the powers of living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I should stress – pun intended of course – here just how fortunate I am that everyday, after hours, I get to travel back to the outskirts of Lusaka, where it’s peaceful and tranquil, and where I call home.
Home can be accessed via numerous routes, but the one of enormous interest to me is along which I find a beautiful eco-friendly straw fence flanking it.

Courtesy of phone photography

At 2 meter height, this type of fence’s ability to keep dust out is a plus when compared to the rest but the Wall fence.

Courtesy of phone photography

Straw, as a local construction material, is used here to create a built environment that beautifully and flawlessly camouflages into the natural environment, especially during summertime when it dries into a soothing visual display of golden crispiness.

Courtesy of phone photography

Like most natural materials, straw, is used for other interesting purposes like thatching and weaving. The Straw reminds me of the architecture of years passed, a style which we would do well to revitalize, and which was heavily dominated by indigenous African themes.


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