Living Walls: A Modern Solution To A Modern Problem Perhaps?


Compromised indoor air quality and a roasting interior are just some of the expenses of living in not only the Tropics like we do but the Global warming era too.
All these are of course “de nos jours” troubles that require equally modern formulae, and a green interior space is just that.


This green space or atrium is a simple space to look at, yes, yet it is one that requires to be planned with extreme precaution only an expert designer can provide. A green wall is an inclusion, often than not, found in this atrium. At construction, this feature wall is partially or completely covered with greenery that includes a growing medium, such as soil, while a compound green wall will also include an integrated water delivery system. Green walls are also known as living walls or vertical gardens.


It is useful to have such an attribute in a modern building because climbing plants on the face of a wall create a green and vegetated facade that is good to gaze at, and softens the concrete surface. Besides their aesthetic characteristics, Vertical gardens also give insulation to keep the building warm, and especially helpful in urban environments where the temperatures of the building reach extremities. Living walls are also acknowledged for remediation of poor air quality, both to internal and external areas since they can be used either indoors or outdoors.


In conclusion, the living wall saves even better when designed to the client’s preference after a selection from a list of available options, and has other unique functions like urban agriculture, urban gardening, or for its beauty as art. It is sometimes used as an unorthodox therapy to help alleviate Sick Building Syndrome.

The link below barely says much about designing with pergolas carrying creepers on an outdoor space but it marries well with this piece as it still looks at how best to design in a climate such as ours.




3 thoughts on “Living Walls: A Modern Solution To A Modern Problem Perhaps?

  1. This is a very unique and interesting concept that’s both eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing to have I one’s home. However, with most of us being oblivious to architecture as well as gardening, it would have been nice to see some suggestions on some suitable indoor plants for those who might want to go at it without a professional landscaper (DIY), as was done by Ms Chola Tembo in her piece

    One of the plants in your images resembles a bamboo plant which I believe can grown into a forest and would probably rip those stairs from their foundation should someone try to plant them indoors, so even just a caption naming the plants used in your imagery would go a long way in saving us from such a potentially catastrophic misjudging of your depicted

    Thank you for continuing to open up our minds to the endless pursuits we can try in our efforts to go green..


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