Always Better W/ >The Next>>>

View from Coffee Corner
So as not to generalise, SOME designers – myself included thank you very much, hope that their best work is the next one.

View from Reception Desk
My line of thought on the matter is that, with every project is a learning curve, that equips us for the one following.

Highlighted is a visual book of a much recent proposed office interior space revamp.

Because the project is an office space in Lusaka’s Light industrial area, this allowed for minimal accessories which I think often go well with a Retro effect.

View from Hallway
While this effect in turn made possible the use of vintage features like Ottoman and Eames Chairs for the Coffee Corner and Reception Desk respectively.

View from Cabinet Corner

To better this look some more, a rug with geometric patterns was then incorporated to make the wooden partition feature wall stand out, and a huge vanished teak block was purposefully introduced to finish off and complement the wall as a Reception desk.

View from Coffee Corner

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