Elections, Economic Woes & Investor Confidence


Maybe this is a political post, I don’t know, but what I do know is that the state of “impasse” in the Zambian construction industry cannot exactly be attributed to the country’s economic woes seeing as to how well the sector has been performing priorly.


It is not a myth that the quantity of money in the sector currently leaves much to be desired. In my view, this is only because the biggest client – the government – has not been paying for projects. And with elections looming, it is fair to assume that those funds reserved for payments are being reallocated into campaigns and other election thingummies instead.



This then has had a trickling effect on individual clients’ “paying power” and whose phones now go unanswered. In an alternative reference, this is the lack of investor confidence, where not everyone is willing to exhaust their savings on a world with a high credit risk and an uncertain future.



After a chat with my boss, he mentions to say that’s always the case during Presidential election period and that things should stabilize momentarily – after the elections.


The foregoing are of my own observations and thoughts, as well as a way of putting my 2¢ in.


Always, thanks for reading.


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