Shelter As An Animal Right!

Apart from being a need among Health care, Education, Food and Water on the Maslow’s triangle of Basic needs by psychologist Abraham Maslow, Shelter is an architectural structure or building that provides cover.


This cover is from the elements of weather, and specially so if properly designed and properly built since proper is determined by the ability of the structure not to let the elements in.

Just as animal rights have grown prominence as much as human rights in most parts on the globe, shelter for them has also proportionally gained relevance.


The aforementioned was half the reason why I agreed to take up this project, Animal Rights. But, the project of a Fowl run fondly known as a Chicken run or a Chicken house served the architect in me a road less travelled along which to discover new techniques of both design and build, and this is what ultimately piqued my curiosity.


A lot of care then had to be taken with this design having myself play on such novel territory. The design technicalities demanded a footprint of 8000mm x 20000mm with 100mm thick blocks to a full height of 2000mm but open along the longest borders from three courses going up. Cover for the exposed sides was with gunny sack while the roof laid on reflective foil insulation otherwise called Sisalation was designed to slant at an angle of 3 degrees and structurally supported on termite treated gum poles for pillars. More termite treated timber was used but for window framing and for trussing.


In conclusion, I am highly of the opinion that animals be afforded the most basic needs like shelter to avoid suffering just as the same consideration is afforded to human beings.


2 thoughts on “Shelter As An Animal Right!

  1. Brilliant again my friend, as you mentioned a project of road less travelled by the conventional Architect, refreshing to see your care for wildlife with consideration to detail of shelter design for Animals.. Always learning a thing or two.. Keep up


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