It is not an uncommon feat among designers – interior designers for example – to use glass, mirrors, large windows, among other many techniques, in a small space to mark the impression of a great space.

Landscapers, like other designers, are not so far behind and have their own set of design tricks up their sleeves.

Small plots are just some of the realities of purchasing land in a metropolis. This however, need be the least of your concerns as a soon-to-be-homeowner, long as competent design professionals are engaged from inception.

A knowledgeable Architect will often design according to set regulations and according to the plot size. While the landscaper will often design for maximum utility of the space, and consequently, the number and size of trees to be incorporated in this space for example become very cardinal.



A few tricks that I have come to know during my recent years as a semi-proficient landscaper are;

  • Introduction of a hedge to divide a yard. Since hedges vary in type, it is best to source advice from a landscape professional for recommendations on what fits. These also work well for privacy as well as security and is therefore the best alternative to a wall fence that is solid with obstructed views and light.



  • Otherwise, a palisade fence would work just as perfectly as a hedge would. Albeit, the advantage over the traditional hedge hitherto is the ease of conversion to an electric fence than the former.
  • Less is more. Ample vegetation makes small spaces look bigger than they are. Due to the apparent heat islands in urban areas, macadamized surfaces have lost relevance, therefore, the use of pavers and flat stones are recommended.
  • And so on and so forth.



Ultimately, designers are illusionists, even as all design is illusion!




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