Before Meets After: Landscape Remodel

This is the last in a two part series called “Before Meets After”. This article succeeds the one I did last week called, “Before Meets After: Kitchen Remodel”.

The objective is for me to merely share with you my readers what is involved in tackling some projects – in this case Kitchens and Landscape (of note here) respectively.

Design Files…

The proposed landscape design was of an approximated 5 acre land area. This outdoor space was designed to reflect a high level of self-sufficiency and a low level of human dependence. Therefore, sustainable design was realized through a landscape that supports environmental quality and conservation of natural resources.



The space consists of various zones – a driveway and visitors’ car park finished in flat stones which is a much cheaper option for such a large area than pavers, with some greens along the stretch. A Cafeteria, Classroom and Admin block all charmed with more greens.



A traffic circle adds a metropolitan appeal to these grounds that are located away from the city as well as guide the flow of traffic around the premise with greater ease.

Design trivia….

The Admin block is not only at quite a distance from the visitors’ Car park but also very much secluded from the rest of the campus so plenty had to be done to indicate its location through the use of Palm trees that run from the Car park and past the traffic circle.

Unlike residential landscape designs, colored plants are often avoided for corporate premises to prevent conflict with corporate colours and there only green is often recommended for use.


Classroom Block.

An open ground just opposite the classroom block was proposed for a study lawn with concrete benches being fitted at strategic locations, and therefore, cutting done of trees is to be maintained at a minimum to act as shelter.



This project was for a Nursing school in Lusaka province’s 10 miles.


Site Survey

LIAS-Layout1 (2)

Proposed Site Plan


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