Before Meets After: Kitchen Remodel

This is the first in a two part series called “Before Meets After”. The objective is for me to merely share with you my readers what is involved in tackling some projects – in this case Kitchens (of note here) and Landscape respectively.


Kitchen remodeling is notorious for being expensive, although not all projects have to break the bank, however, embarking on such an undertaking often does but only just.


Since the kitchen is the heart of any house, it woefully dates quite easily, not only from wear and tear but also from the vast advancement in technique and technology employed in the culinary arts. Therefore, remodels of such tired spaces are the perfect remedy when the time is right (and probably when the resources are available).


Design Files…

The proposed remodel was of an approximated 6000mm x 6000mm square one roomed space. This interior space was designed to underline the characteristics of a modern Kitchen area through ease and space, and a centered island necessitated just that: a working space to carry out needed tasks with much ease and within such a generous space. Therefore, function was realised.

FYA - Chitengi Warehouse-Model

The space consists of two zones – an island to accommodate a hob with a hood right above it and cabinets around the centrally placed island to in turn accommodate an oven and a refrigerator on the northern end, a sink on the western end and storage cabinets on the eastern end.

Scheme 2

In the grand scheme of things, a centrally placed island with a hob and a hood adds an industrial appeal to this semi-private residential space whereas timber for a fresh set of cabinets makes it cosy.

Design trivia….

A 4450mm long custom designed massive window on the western end and above the sink allows for fresh air and natural light to seep deep into this interior space.

Scheme 1

The centrally placed island was not by my design but the architect before me. Because cabling for the stove stems right from this point, this fortuitous design move, helped my undertaking immensely with the kitchen layout.

An open-plan Kitchen-Diner would have added to the much needed modern appeal sought after by the client, however, knocking down walls was out of the question due to budget constraints. Therefore, converting this space into a public space only proved futile.

This project was carried out at the end of 2015 and it was for a family of three in Ndola’s Kanseshi neighbourhood on the Copperbelt province of Zambia.


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