Boulevard Of Roadhouses, The!

Welcome to my adopted City of Lusaka.

Relocating to this city, for an indigenous tourist like myself; and perhaps a handful more of people, is without a doubt because of Work but maybe more so for people in my line of work – the work of an architect. While for others, it is for School or Business.

Winding through the streets of Lusaka, one cannot miss the ongoing infrastructural development being relished by the town, and my work allows me to do just that and appreciate these ongoing developmental projects.

Running a business errand in the Central Business District requires a struggle with the headache that is traffic like any other “Lusakan” of me. This inversely gives me the platform to observe the progress on several “big” projects as I move from my office in Roma – Off Zambezi Way.

Along Katima Mulilo Road (to my right) before getting past the traffic circle and into Great East Road, is an estimated 10 Storey Hotel soaring steadily but surely and beautifully into the heavens.


On Great East Road and past Arcades Shopping Mall, is a “semi-completed” Multi Storey Office block veiled in what appears to me like Victorian style.


Keeping right is another Multi Storey building. Nevertheless, this one is for a Casino (but with word on the street alleging it to have rooms on its upper floors reserved for accommodation).


Looking in the same direction while approaching Manda Hill Mall, one notices a huge structure flanking it from across Manchinchi Road. This – odd as it may be – is another Hotel but with 12 floors of rooms and Spas and Banquet Halls.


And yonder, nonetheless before the traffic circle that pours into Cairo Road, is a Service Station whose works just recently commenced.

On my last lap in Cairo Road, I make a mental note to self to look out for the building alleged to accommodate the world acclaimed Hilton Hotel.

Approaching my destination are traffic lights which now require me to stop and give way. This then affords me the opportunity to admire the cosmetics added to an old landmark building that is being converted into “one more Hotel” along my route to the Post Office where I am headed to mail a tender for a job.


And just like that, I realise this old landmark building to be the new Hilton Hotel.



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