//Professional Thrills//

Once upon a blogging day about a fortnight ago, I took to my twitter and posted,


“Nothing quite feels as accomplishing as an architect whose work is coming to life. Flats in Choongwe. Ecstatic!” – @mrkapalutoyou – https://twitter.com/MrKapaluToYou/status/686492885617872896/photo/1


To most this is self-explanatory, but well, this professed the thrill I got from learning that my design of semi-detached flats in Lusaka for a client was finally being built. In my profession, there’s nothing as more thrilling as that.


With 2016 proving to be so fortuitous, another one of my designs – but of a Guardhouse this time, I did for an IT company with operations within Lusaka has since broken ground and began works.


Inasmuch as the structure is measly in size, the construction aspect derived in experience personally is far more rewarding. The use of a spirit level and the knowledge of levels altogether is what has mostly struck a chord with me. This experience stems from acting as Project Manager and overseeing the works.


The design process was documented in my 18th blog post called “The Client is always right!” For a much detailed account of the project, please follow the link below:



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