“The Client Is always right!”

Project One

“The client is always right.” – is a rule of thumb that has existed for millennia now and still holds true. It was taught to me back in design school and I practice it out of school today. Like most rules however, it might well have some exceptions but what stays constant is the fact that the client’s expectations need to be satisfied.

g1  g2

This maxim therefore serves to press service providers to give a high priority to customer satisfaction, and every so often regardless of the service provider’s reservations; and it also advocates that customer complaints be treated seriously so that they should not feel cheated on or deceived.

g4   g3

This rule of thumb is a reality in the design world, and as well it should be, because what good designer doesn’t like a challenge? It then means that the designer gets to change his/her schemes insurmountable times at the design stage depending on the type of client, and all this in the name of reaching customer satisfaction.

1   2

Lucky for me, my latest client was divine. I was commissioned to design a Guard house for an IT company whose operations are in Lusaka and I was given carte blanche on the design, but at the request of the client as expected with most projects, some changes had to be made on the primary scheme so as to meet the client’s need for a practical and elegant design but yet cost effective.

4   3

Ultimately, the final design here is one that displays both the designer’s and the client’s individualism.





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