Barack Obama In The News


On my way to work this morning while catching a lift from my brother, the Hot FM breakfast show with Chi and Hope was on. From the many interesting topics being discussed, what struck a chord with me was Barack Obama being reported to have given a speech on Climate change having dire repercussions on the environment today; on the environment right now, unlike what has been preached since time immemorial, about the repercussions being eminent tomorrow or rather in the near future. Based on that alone it is safe to say that, that tomorrow is finally here, and that tomorrow is now… today!


Of course, I agree with Obama but only about us living in the Global warming era. As is evident, it is springtime for this part of the globe yet at the moment some of us fail to survive in a room without Air Conditioning or in one without proper ventilation, be it during daytime or during nighttime. In retrospect, growing up such characteristics were only associated to the summertime which clearly is not the same anymore.


As a designer of habitable spaces I am challenged to design humane-conditioned and heat free spaces. Going through my archives I bring to your attention a semi-detached maisonette flat that was designed for a well-travelled client in Lusaka which automatically meant that everything had to be designed to quality and this quality to be in twofold.


Having a client such as this, many features that would otherwise be termed as a luxury had to be incorporated in this design and especially for our kind of climate, evidently shading devices, pergolas with creepers covering an outdoor entertainment area, unmovable concrete seats, kids’ corner but to mention a few in the space of time.


Other fun facts that add variety to this design are the green components. These components are mainly elements and techniques used to achieve the client’s desired product. Some of these components are repurposed timber for the kitchen counters, bar counter pergola and some roof trusses to the relief of our forests. Others are the unmovable concrete seats in the Outdoor entertainment area for those unbearable summer times, as well as planters filled with a variety of greens for that dash of colour from creepers to rosebushes and from shrubs to palm trees.




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