Extreme Makeover – Office Edition


Reception areas often than not fail to attract the attention that they deserve from architects and designers-alike right at the design stage. Consequently, this is a dead space that’s adorned by illogical sharp angles, of uneven lengths and a space that’s left from demarcations made to fit the backbone departments of most organisations.


This was no exception in a recent interior design project that a friend of mine, Aaron Kachali and myself proposed for an organisation at Central Park in Lusaka. No expense was spared in the endeavor to revamp this regularly unappreciated space as is evident with the help of visual aide.


The interior of this one roomed space has been designed to underline the characteristics of reception areas – ease and space; and visible elements of the concrete beam structure of the roof add a commercial appeal to this public space designated for visitors to the building whereas natural materials like timber for shelving make it cosy.


The space consists of two zones – a desk and a waiting area, and are heavily ventilated owing to the massive window through which fresh air and natural light seep in. With this window, occupants can also see into the exterior. This indoor-outdoor atmosphere is further promoted by means of incorporating potted plants into this environment.


Lastly, a noteworthy feature in this space is a TV screen that can be viewed from any angle and is placed in a far corner. This telly is on a revolving bracket. It is not an off-the-shelf bracket but the atypical tailored product to be designed and made especially for this space, and can be allowed to adjust the rake angle in all directions.



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