Everything Engine!

As my friends would know, I am a huge F1 fanatic, and massively so. I am team Lewis Hamilton. I have been supporting the lad since his rookie years, 2007, back when he won his first championship and the Constructor’s championship for Maclaren Ferrari. Also when he won the title the second time around last year, 2014, driving for his incumbent, Mercedes, whom he won the Constructor’s championship title, and the 2015 season won’t be any different.

Before that though (my matriculation to the school of F1 which was in my early teens), I took a great fancy to Ekzibit’s “Pimp my ride” on MTV. I was really amazed at the transformations the team was able to achieve. For me that was it, I was fascinated with the attention to detail and how well they achieved it. That level of precision alone was very captivating for a teen like myself. It seemed to require a lot of hard work albeit, and ultimately, for any fan of the show you will agree with me that what was most amazing were the cosmetics on these transformed rides; be it the Mufflers or the coffee makers to the massive speakers in the rear for the party people at heart. These accessories came in all sizes, shape and colour. Everyone loved that and that partly added to the show’s success. It showed how well the team understood design.

Given that short background, since this blog is about everything design, it was within reason to tackle something automobile related as a way of thinking outside the box of generic architecture and interior design and therefore try to delve into the world of some basic engine accessory options…

Without further ado, I’ll begin by mentioning the 3 engine accessories to be discussed in no particular order, and that’s the:
1. Supercharger
2. Turbocharger
3. Tuned Exhaust

Now that you’ve gotten yourselves acquainted with the names, here’s what each and every option is all about.

This is a compressor that blasts air into the cylinders, allowing the engine to burn more fuel and gain extra power.
The supercharger in Jaguar’s XJ gives it a 75 kW charge without adding gas-guzzling engine volume.

MINI got it right when it chose to supercharge – rather than Turbocharge – the S model. The result is therefore, a fast, usable torque curve, and you don’t have to hit 5 000 rpm (revolutions per minute) in every gear – unless you want to.

This is similar to a Supercharger,  but it uses the force from the exhaust instead. It’s a more efficient boost but takes longer to kick in. The Turbocharger might add to the price tag, but you won’t have to spring for a bigger engine. E.g.
That’s useful in little rockets like the Audi TT and some newer models where there isn’t much room under the bonnet.


Cars like the Ford Mustang are tuned with the specificity of a musical instrument. A tuned Exhaust will enhance your car’s performance – it empties the engine cylinders more effectively,  so you can hit higher speeds in less time. BMW will do this for you for some of it’s models as part of its performance package. With only a negligible improvement, albeit, it’s more about the sound than the fury.

The above engine accessory options are not necessarily for everyone mainly because of the sound they make (noise for some people) but some sounds are actually more tolerable than others, and therefore are appropriate for different people at different times in their lives. The louder tuned Exhaust will appeal more to a younger audience which might get a kick from the muffled sound while the other engine accessory options might appeal more to a senior audience.

For the sporty and adrenaline driven persons be sure to head on out to your nearest garage and “pimp” that ride with any of the above accessories to suit your taste.

I enjoyed writing this piece so I really hope that you guys enjoy reading it too.

As always, thanks for reading.


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