Things To Do In April!

As we draw towards the end of March madness and the dawn of a new month, April (Spring time for some countries), I thought it wise to look into some – from many things – that we can try to do in this month.

To kick start the month…

1. TIDY UP YOUR WORK AREA… and save time spent searching for mislaid items. Invest in a large filing unit so you can really get a handle on your paperwork.

Once you’ve tackled papers,  sort paperclips, rubber bands and so on into empty jam jars. Glue the lids to the underside of a shelf so you can see what you need in an instant.

3. CREATE CUPBOARD SPACE… for all those Christmas gifts. Go through toy chests and wardrobes,  then give away unwanted items to a church for charity if they’re still in good condition.

Fancy saving money by learning how to do your own car maintenance? Now’s the time to visit your local adult – education centre.

Above are just some simple suggestions on how to keep busy and kill some time off. This can be done on a weekend for all those career persons. It can also save you well as a hobby.

As always, thanks for reading.


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